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The Best Way to Get Real Estate Buyer Leads That Zillow Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Zillow and Trulia don’t want you to know these secrets they use to get real estate buyer leads. Learn the best ways to get more real estate leads today!

First of…who doesn’t need more qualified real estate buyer leads?

And I’m not talking about all those tire kickers.

You and your real estate team could definitely use more of course!

Getting more real estate buyer leads is what drives almost every single business.

That’s especially because they help get you more listings!

So, today I have some information that will make you generate real estate buyer leads over and over again in any market.

Here are Zillow’s top secrets to get real estate buyer leads they don’t want you to know about!

hack zillow for buyer leads

1) Use Local SEO Search Terms to Get More Traffic from Quality Real Estate Buyer Leads


Real estate SEO is still a great way to get buyer leads.

Yes, you read that correctly: Getting Your Website to Rank on Page 1 of Google Isn’t Impossible in Real Estate.

The key with getting your real estate website to show up in Google’s rankings and generating real estate buyer leads for free is through blog posts and pages that feature the local community.

Specifically, you namely need to target neighborhoods and suburbs of major cities.

Let’s look at Zillow as an example:

Of course, they show up for the search term “parkland homes For sale”.

But, you’ll also notice that they will target smaller more local searches like: “heron bay homes for sale parkland”

google seo terms for buyer leads

Zillow knows that the real money in real estate marketing is in creating local community content.

Now here’s exactly how you can capitalize on this for yourself:

1) Create local community pages for neighborhoods, cities, school districts, etc. and target local SEO keywords.

2) You can also create local content like Virtual Video Tours, Blog Posts about Neighborhoods, Schools, Community Events, Restaurants in the Community, And More!

2) Add “Interior Design Content” To Get Rid of Tire Kickers and Get True Real Estate Buyer Leads


You need to stop for a moment…and ask yourself:

What are the types of real estate buyer leads do you really want to work with?

They are probably more affluent, professional buyers, and might not be particularly motivated by reading blog content about how to save money on your next mortgage.

Am I right?

That’s why some of the truly best real estate blog ideas are those that are related to interior design.

By and large, Zillow knows this and that’s why they specifically focus on this topic for real estate blogging.

Just take a look at their website and you’ll see!

zillow real estate web site

Zillow lists the home design tab right on their menu on their home page!


Now you see how much they stress interior design related content to get real estate buyer leads from Google. That’s why I can’t recommend enough the power of creating useful interior design information about your local community to help you generate more home buyer leads.


3) Use Mortgage Trends Information and Data to Attract Savvy Real Estate Buyer Leads


The first thing to remember is your real estate marketing will be more successful for you if you are helpful to your audience.

The key to your competitive advantage is really your ability to out-educate or help potential real estate clients.

Go above and beyond for them.

Ultimately, one of the best and easiest ways of doing this is through providing them with content about mortgage trends and data.

Let’s take a look at once again:

mortgage calculator for leads
Zillow has mortgage tools help buyers find truly meaningful information about their mortgages. 

You can find interest rates, calculate payment data, see mortgage trends, and compare various mortgage and financing companies.

This is great…but the thing is…this is national data. It’s usually not really that helpful on a local community level!

Therefore, the way that you can surely compete with Zillow is by presenting your real estate buyer leads with similar information.

Except you need to present information about the local mortgage rates, local mortgage vendors, etc.

Help them make a smart real estate investment decision by getting helping them get preapproved for a mortgage.

This way, you will truly be arming them with the data they need to make a smart decision.

For the most part, if you do this you’ll instantly start getting better quality buyer leads.

4) You Can Have Mortgage Content Written for You by Someone in Your Sphere of Influence


Here’s another awesome tip:

You don’t have to write the information about the mortgages yourself!

In fact, you can get a mortgage broker in your Real Estate Sphere of Influence to help you out in exchange for a link to his website in your blog post.

They will be more than happy to help you out on your blog because they know that this will lead to them getting more deals.

You can use this real estate marketing strategy exactly like Zillow does!

They are referring out to all types of different mortgage companies. You can also use your blog to give real estate related testimonials to other local vendors in related spaces!

Having mortgage vendors write content for you is a definitely a great way to easily double the content on your real estate blog.

This will significantly help you generate more real estate leads.

5) The Best Real Estate Buyer Leads Need Content That Helps Them Out


It’s really important to provide good content to your buyer leads because you need to establish your credibility with them.

Writing helpful articles helps establish you as an authority figure.

It also helps quality real estate buyers find you online.

Let’s look at Zillow’s content again:

real estate home buyers guide
They have an entire home buyer’s guide to help out buyers.

This is how you can compete with Zillow: 

Create awesome local community content that helps buyers decide where they want to live. 

You can create guides that talk about the neighborhood features and amenities, local shopping and entertainment, local outdoors and recreation activities, school ratings, etc.

Obviously, you know your community better than Zillow does!

This means that you can provide massive value to buyers in a way that Zillow can’t!

Zillow can’t create personalized content for every single neighborhood and subdivision in your area. But you can.

You can create personalized content for every neighborhood you want to dominate as your farm area.

I would suggest you make video content and don’t be afraid to show your face.

That way you can build your personal brand and take your real estate marketing to the next level.

6) Study the Zillow Ads On Google – That’s How You Can See How They Get Real Estate Buyer Leads


Are you running Google Ads to generate more real estate buyer leads?

Here’s an awesome tip to get more real estate leads:

You can create profitable ads quickly by hacking Zillow’s proven copy and tweaking it for your ads.

Let’s be honest…copy is hard to write and time consuming.

Plus, you never know what ads are going to work and which ones aren’t. That is of course…unless you use an ad that is already working!

Do you want to find those ads?

It’s really easy:

realestate leads like zillow gets

The best way to find real estate ads that work on Google Adsense is just look at what ads are currently there.

You can even use software tools like Spyfu, SEMrush, What Runs Where, etc. to see out what Zillow, Trulia, and your top competitors are doing on Google AdSense.

7) Research Zillow’s Real Estate Buyer Lead Ads On Their Facebook Page

Facebook marketing for real estate still a great way to find buyer and sell leads, but it is becoming less effective at generating real estate leads.

Think about it like this:

When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad for real estate?

That’s because Facebook advertising interrupts the user. Unlike Google ads, Facebook ads aren’t shown to people that are actively looking for a solution to their problem.

Makes sense…right?

For example, someone that types: “Sell my home fast” into Google is looking for a solution to solve their problem.

People aren’t typically on Facebook to solve a problem.

That’s why Facebook is better for content marketing which is a form of “soft selling”.

Another thing is, Facebook continues to make changes to its algorithm and this has made it harder to profit from their ad platform.

You can see how little Zillow uses the ad platform and is instead investing in real estate SEO to rank in Google.

8) Having A Team Makes Content Production Easy

So obviously, we’ve been talking about creating a lot of content for your real estate web site.

You’re probably thinking right now:

How am I going to do this?

Let’s take another look at Zillow again:

Take a quick look and what do you notice?

They have more than one person creating their content.

Using your blog content to create more real estate buyer lead generation doesn’t have to be a one-person show.

You can hire freelancers to outsource your content creation, hire real estate virtual assistants, have your sphere of influence help create content for links to their websites, etc.

You’d be surprised how you can build a team to create content for you.

This needs to be your goal:

You need to create structures and systems in your business where there is more than one person creating your content.

Once you do this, you’ll find that content becomes significantly easier to produce.

Plus, you’ll find it is more profitable and successful for getting you more real estate leads and closings.

9) This is How You Make Social Media Profitable


Studying Zillow will teach you quite a bit about real estate social media marketing.

Specifically, if you look at their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile you will notice something:

social media tip for realtors
Zillow expressly uses social media just to drive traffic back to their website.


That is basically all they are using their social media profiles to do.

You’ll also notice that they always include a link back to their content.

Why would they do this?

That’s because their website is where the lead generation takes place!

You want to use your website to capture leads. Social media and Google search engine traffic is where you want to drive traffic from.

Let’s get real:

If you want to get real estate buyer leads, you certainly need to create useful content.

Then you share it on social media with a link back to your website.

After they come back to your website, you need to capture their contact information to add them to your CRM for follow up.

10) This is How Zillow Gets Real Information from Their Real Estate Buyer Leads


Here’s the thing with getting website traffic:

Even if you can get all the best traffic in the world. It certainly won’t make you any money unless you can convert it.

Zillow has lot of ways to do this. But using real estate landing pages are perhaps the best way to convert this traffic from real estate buyer leads.

Specifically, you’ll want to put large call to action buttons on both your blog posts and all of your other website pages.

Why would you want to do this?

The more diverse calls to action that you can create, the higher your lead conversion percentage will be.

11) Using Hyper Local Pages Help Your SEO and Conversions


If you want to convert quality real estate leads to buyers, an important aspect is that they trust you.

It’s important to realize, people want to do business with the experts in their field.

Farming for real estate using hyper local pages aren’t just expressly for SEO purposes.

If you are seen as the local expert, people will seek you out to do transactions because you are the specialist for their specific needs.

Zillow knows this secret. That is why they spend so such a significant amount of time cultivating their pages around very specific local neighborhoods.

Do you know the best part?

You can still beat them at their own game! You can make videos and write blogs about local restaurants, attractions, sports teams, entertainment, etc.

Zillow simply cannot compete with your real estate marketing on a local level like this. This is truly how you beat Zillow for generating real estate buyer leads!

12) Expand Your Target Audience – Use Foreclosure Guides Expand Your Reach


Here’s the scoop:

First off, I know that it’s not glamorous to target buyers that are looking for foreclosures.

But if it this strategy doesn’t work, why would Zillow have an entire section of their website devoted to the topic of foreclosures?

real estate foreclosure leads
How long do you think it would take to create a simple Foreclosure guide for your local area?

Probably not more than a few hours of writing. Or you can pay someone to do this for you.

Remember, the foreclosure business can keep you in business when things get tough. 

Don’t forget that the real estate market has good cycles and the market also has bad cycles. That’s when you see the good agents separated from the bad agents.

That’s why you need to be prepared for both types of markets.

Plus, sometimes people dealing in real estate foreclosures are investors and surprisingly turn out to be repeat buyers of real estate.

It’s always a wise investment for your business to invest time into marketing to these types of real estate buyers.

Welcome to the Arms Race for Number of Pages


Finally, when it comes to both online and offline real estate marketing, you are basically in an arms race.

Specifically, Zillow alone has over 70 million pages on their website.

Plus, Zillow also has offline marketing streams.

Remember, this is just Zillow we are talking about. Think about all of your other competition!

This is truly why you need to create content and find ways to be everywhere at once to succeed in real estate.

Here’s the best part:

You can beat them all at the local level. Specifically, you can have more pages dedicated to local neighborhoods and even subdivisions.

But you need to start now and you also need to be consistent.

If you use this information you will see awesome results and get more quality real estate buyer leads and generate more closings.

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