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Do You Know The Best Hiring Tips For How To Hire Superstar Sales People?

hiring tips for real estate brokers

Hiring Tips on How to Hire Superstar Sales People

If you want the best hiring tips for build the ultimate real estate brokerage, the first thing to know is that you need to build a great team. 

Not only do you need a truly great support staff but you also need to recruit agents who are actually producing and selling homes.

Did you know that the average bad hire usually costs a company around $60,000?

And yet, most hiring decisions are basically made based off of a one hour interview…if you’re lucky!

That’s why, I’m going to give you some hiring tips to find superstar salespeople and support staff employees too.

In fact, I’m going to show you the best hiring tips for how to find talented employees for any business, how to recruit new real estate agents, some interviewing tips, hiring advice and much more.

If you were able to hire just one Top Producer for your business, what do you think that would do for you?

Trust me…Use this hiring tips and your business will see tremendous growth in the next year and beyond!


recruiting tips to find superstars

What Are Some Hiring Tips For How To Know What Makes a Superstar Employee?

First of, the single best piece of advice I can give you out of all the hiring tips out there is to seek out and hire superstars.

The type of people that I am talking about here are those who you can put into a situation with poor tools, no training, bad resources, and they still outperform your other employees in a matter of months.

In fact, these people will outperform even your best people and build your company in ways you never imagined.

I know you’re probably wishing that you could hire the right employees like this right?

Well…it definitely has nothing to do with luck.

Specifically, it’s about understanding the unique personality profile that fits the job for which you are hiring and having the tools to identify the types of people who fit this profile.

It’s important to realize that personality profiling is the key of all hiring tips to finding superstars.

In fact, there are many companies that offer tests to determine psychological profiles.

Except they don’t call it psychological profiling…

In fact, they call it something like a behavioral assessment or personality profiling.

Ultimately, the truly most popular method to do this assessment is the DISC personality profile.

What is a DISC Personality Profile?

The DISC personality profile is based on studies done by Harvard psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1928.

Additionally, this method has really been developed and truly perfected by dozens of companies over the years.

DISC stands for the four different aspects of the human personality: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.

In fact, DISC tests use word association to measure the intensity of each different characteristic in the person being tested.

four disc personality traits

The Four Personality Traits Measured by a DISC Test?

As mentioned above, DISC represents the four aspects to a person’s personality.

You will truly upgrade your talent recruitment process if you are able to find the right people based upon having the right combination of these personality traits.

Let’s Look at the Four Personality Traits

1. Dominance

Dominance is a personality trait that has to do with the strength of someone’s ego.

In fact, it’s a measure of personal power, the desire to control situations, and how you assert yourself in every interaction.

You’ll find that job candidates who show high dominance have truly strong egos. 

It’s important to remember when using these hiring tips, that even though the word ego tends to have negative connotations, it’s actually a really good thing in certain situations.

Ultimately, I think we can all agree that Donald Trump has a very strong ego.

Do you think that helped him go from the $25 million that his dad was worth to the billions that he’s worth today? 

Furthermore, whether you look him or not, do you think that Donald Trump’s ego helped him to become President?

There are also those whose ego is less obvious, but it’s clearly working for them.

Do you think that someone like Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos are pushovers?

No, they both have a strong sense of self (ego) that has guided them to becoming two of the richest people in the entire world.

It’s important to remember that having a strong ego is truly crucial in sales.

That’s because it means you will truly have the drive and the ambition to close as many sales as possible.

More importantly, you will have the ability to handle rejections and not take them personally.

Most successful CEO’s have high dominance.

In fact, that’s why they get the job done!

Low dominance people are typically more cautious, consultative and are usually not demanding at all.

top producer personality traits

2. Influence

Influence has to do with the way you interact in social situations and how well you communicate with others.

People that truly have high influence, usually really love people.

In fact, they are also really more naturally empathetic.

Ultimately, this is important because it gives them the ability to themselves in other people’s positions and understand their point of view.

High influence employees usually work great with a team and are usually fast and energetic types of people.

Additionally, they are very persuasive and verbal people.

On the contrary, low influence people are typically very serious, factual and logical types of people.

3. Steadiness

The next personality trait in the DISC assessment is steadiness.

Steadiness is about how patient persistent and thoughtful you are.

Additionally, people with high steadiness are typically deliberate in their actions and decisions.

They usually work steadily and also work well with others.

But they are usually the happiest working behind the scenes.

Ultimately, that’s because they are good listeners and have the ability to gain support from others.

Whereas, people with low steadiness tend to be multitaskers who move fast and initiate action.

steadiness disc personality trait

4. Compliance

Compliance is the personality trait that has to do how you relate to structure and organization.

One of the traits of high compliance people is that they typically always plan ahead.

Additionally, they are usually cautious in their actions and decisions.

Typically, they tend to work better alone.

These types of people truly like organization and structure, and they work more accurately and precisely in their tasks. 

Ultimately, low compliance people think of the big picture and are usually not as cautious in their actions.

In fact, they will tend to wing it more than a high compliance person would.

Furthermore, they tend to see the gray areas and are truly more independent in their thinking.

Understanding the DISC Personality Traits

I can give you all of the hiring tips in the world but if you don’t the understand personality traits of your team, your truly won’t be successful.

The true recipe for a superstar is certainly not just a high level of one trait.

In fact, it’s a combination of different intensities of each different trait.

To understand how all of these traits truly work together, let’s think about how it applies to sales.

All of the absolute best Top Producers indeed exhibit extremely high influence.

They are truly empathetic and have a need to bond with people and to find something likeable about every person.

To emphasize, this is a very wonderful trait to have in a salesperson.

No matter what, they just keep going at the client in every which way trying to find more and more ways to truly serve that client.

The fact that they are truly able to see everyone’s best side, helps them make friends out of their clients.

However, don’t be fooled though and think that having high influence is the truly only factor that makes the ultimate sales superstar.

In fact, people that are too empathetic are too understanding and they truly don’t close sales.

But, if your candidate combines high influence with high dominance, then you’ve certainly found your sales superstar.

These are the type of people who bond like crazy with the buyer, but their high dominance keeps them expecting to get a sale and they will keep selling until they close.

High dominance or strong ego people who passionately believe in what they are selling will feel compelled to sell it to you, no matter how much you resist.

At first, this might sound kind of pushy, but when blended with empathy, this type of person will close with perfection.

Furthermore, high dominance personality types might not be the best fit for some other roles in the company that are more team oriented.

But for sales it’s truly the perfect fit.

you need to recruit top talent

Why the Right Personality Traits Are Important For Sales

Only a person with a strong ego can overcome getting rejected eight times after a client has said no.

People with a weak ego usually give up after the first rejection and barely close any sales.

On average 48% of sales people give up after the first rejection!

It’s really difficult to find people who will face eight rejections and keep trying.

That’s why some of the best hiring advice for managers I can give is find sales people that are high influence and high dominance personalities.

The Process of How to Recruit Talent With Superstar Personality Traits

If you understand the process of how to recruit top talent, then you will dominate your competition in the long run.

Building team of ambitious and ethical superstars is truly one of the single most important hiring tips for businesses.

The first thing to remember is that you need to understand the personality profile that makes up top producing sales people.

A high dominance and high influence candidate may seem over eager in a job interview and can even come on too strong.

It’s important to remember to not let a little bravado or ego put you off.

Remember, this is an essential ingredient in every single superstar.

During the interview, the person is the product, so they have to present themselves with confidence to show they are the one for the position.

Most employers will be scared off by someone who is aggressive in nature, but this is exactly what you need in a salesperson.

This is why you must trust these hiring tips and that you use the DISC personality profile tests to properly screen out the best candidates.

hiring tips to find good employees


The Process of Hiring Superstars

Hiring Tips #1: First You Need to Design Your Ad to Attract Top Producers

A good ad for hiring the best salespeople would look something like this:


Don’t even bother calling if you aren’t an overachiever and can actually prove it.

Come and BUILD AND EMPIRE within our fine, progressive company.

We are a real estate brokerage, but we don’t hire backgrounds.


If you are just average, you can earn $50K with us.

If you are good, you can earn $200K to $300K with us!

But…if you are THE BEST, you can MAKE OVER $900K+ with us!!!

Young or old, if you have the stuff, we’ll know it.

Contact us at…

Did you notice how that ad was written and also that it doesn’t ask them for a resume?

It doesn’t ask for a minimum number of years of experience, any specific computer or technological skills, college degrees, etc.

In fact, there are no mentions of these things being required for the job. 

Specifically, we are writing an ad that is truly challenging people to apply only if they are the best.

Why is this important?

It’s important to note because the type of person that this ad attracts is a person with a strong self of sense aka someone that has an ego.

Hiring Tips #2: Their Age and Background Are Irrelevant

First, I know you probably think this sounds crazy but it’s true.

It’s truly all about the right personality profile.

There are 20 year olds that out sell sales people with 20 years of experience!

In fact, you would be truly surprised at where you can find talent.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the server was just simply amazing?

Did you ever go to a store and the salesperson was just on top of their game and you thought…why isn’t this person working at a better sales job… they would crush it?

This is why you need to be on the look-out for talent at all times.

I definitely can’t stress enough how important this talent recruiting tip is for your business.

Imagine being able to find the next Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone when they were 19 years old. 

What do you think that would do for your business?

On another note, you can find someone who is 70 years of age that could also truly be a superstar.

Specifically, what if you found a retired investment adviser or a banker who has a nice big rolodex of contacts from all of their years in business.

They could be bored sitting around the house and looking for something to do part time.

Don’t you think that hiring somebody like this would likely be an asset for your company?

It’s important to remember that testing for personality profile is the best way of recruiting a true superstar to your sales team.

Another really important thing to do is to prescreen your prospects.

how to prescreen job candidates

Hiring Tips #3: How to Prescreen Your Sales Job Candidates

Here is a great hiring tip to find the flaws in salespeople before you even have to interview them face to face.

The first thing you do to anyone who applies for a job at your company is to reject them and tell them you think they can’t do the job.

This is a test.

It’s not that you don’t want to hire this person, you want to see if they have the unique personality profile that you’re looking for. 

Ultimately, you really want the type of person who can handle adversity and blow right through it.

This is truly one of the most important hiring tips I can give offer.

If you reject them and they crumble quickly, you see right then and there that they won’t work before you hire them.

A true superstar will definitely question you on why you think they don’t have the stuff.

In fact, they may even flat out tell you that you are wrong!

This is a very powerful way to determine people’s strength of ego and to see if they are in fact a superstar or not.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do this test.

First, you need to run your ad and tell them to either call or email or sign up on a web page and you will contact them back.

The next thing you do is you respond to every single person who applied to your ad.

Here’s the script for what you will say on the phone to them or email them to set up a telephone prescreening:

“Thank you for responding to our ad about the sales position. We are doing a prescreening call of all of the candidates who contacted us to apply. This prescreening will take place at [Tuesday from 5:00 to 6:00pm]. During that hour, we will decide who we are going to bring in to interview face to face. Would you like to be at the beginning, middle or the end of that hour? We’ll call you within 10-15 minutes of the time that you select.”

Some of these prescreening calls will be over in a matter of a minute or two, some will take seconds and some will last a little bit longer than a few minutes.

When you do the prescreening call, it will probably go something like this:

YOU: Okay. You’ve read our ad and saw that it said, “Don’t even apply here unless you think you are the best.” So, tell me why you think we should interview you.

THEM: Well…can you tell me bit more about the job?

YOU: I could but that is a much longer conversation. I’m happy to have that conversation with you if we determine that you’re someone we want to interview. So tell me, why should we interview you for this position?

THEM: Well…um…let’s see…um. I’ve been in sales for a few years now and I like it a lot. I like talking to people and I feel that if the product or the service is good that I can sell it.

YOU: I’m not hearing superstar…

THEM: What do you mean? You’re not?

YOU: No…I’m not hearing it. I’m not hearing superstar. I’m not even hearing top producer…

THEM: You’re not! Really?

YOU: Nope.

(Remember you want to intentionally reject them to test them. If you are an HR manager right now you are probably cringing but this works really well to determine what kind of candidate you have.) 

THEM: Oh uh…okay. Um…I guess you would know.

YOU: Yes, I would know.

THEM: Well…okay. Thank you very much. Bye.

YOU: Thank you. Bye.

Most employers, particularly the well-trained HR hiring managers, interview sales job candidates in a loving environment. 

Ultimately, this kind of environment makes it easy for people to represent themselves well.

But if you put someone in the field, like the person that was prescreened above, they will fold quickly after they get rejected enough.

That’s why it’s particularly important to use this technique in the first two minutes of your call when you prescreen the prospects.

Here is an example of what the conversation with a superstar will sound like:

YOU: Okay. You’ve read our ad and saw that it said, “Don’t even apply here unless you think you are the best.” So, tell me why you think we should interview you.

THEM: Well…uh…can you tell me more about the job?

YOU: I can but that’s a much longer conversation. I’m happy to have that conversation if we determine you’re someone we want to interview. So…why should we interview you? 

THEM: Well…um…let’s see. At my last job, I started as the new guy as it was my first time in that industry. Within a few months, I was bringing in bigger and better accounts than some of the senior sales people. In six months, I was outselling people that were with the company for five and even ten years.

(See how they’re already pitching and selling you?)

YOU: Yea that sounds good and all, but I’m not hearing superstar…

THEM: What do you mean? You’re not?

YOU: No…I’m not hearing it. I’m not hearing superstar. I’m not even hearing top producer…

THEM: Well I don’t know what type of person you’re looking for, but I know that I can do this job. If you give me the opportunity to show you I know that I will prove you wrong.

YOU: Look, you sound like you would do well at a lot of places but this industry is really competitive. I’m sorry but I’m just not hearing it.

THEM: Well, maybe you need to get your ears checked.

At this point, you probably think this sounds funny.

The egos of the top producers will not let you tell them they can’t do the job.

You would be surprised some of the things that people will say to you when you tell them you think they don’t have what it takes.

In fact, you might want to hire someone who would talk to you like the example above.

If you are in an industry that you need people to make one call closes then they don’t really need as much empathy or need to bond with people.

However, you really want people who are both high dominance and high influence.

Those ideal types of people will respond by trying to qualify you the same way that they would a prospective client or prospect.

For instance, they will ask you questions like: “What makes you think that? What kind of person are you looking for?” Things like that.

The bottom line is that they keep trying.

tips for screening job prospects

Hiring Tips #4: How to Interview Your Sales Job Candidates

After you narrow down your candidate pool, it’s time to interview the top candidates.

Here are the hiring tips for the three-part interview structure designed to truly draw out the superstars: relax, probe and then attack.

Help Them Relax

After the candidates talk their way into an interview, begin by giving them an opportunity to show their best side.

Make sure you help them relax.

Be as friendly as possible and be a great listener.

This will definitely throw them off after how hard you were on them during the prescreening. 

They come in prepared for a battle and you are being overly nice to them from the very start.

Here is another technique that you can use to get them to relax.

Have them write down five questions that they want to be asked during their interview that will show their best side.

Some of the responses you get will be amazing.

Once you start doing this, you will know why this is one of the best hiring tips you’ve ever heard.

Time to Probe

The next part of the three-step interview process for sales job candidates is to get to know the person.

Before you begin, you must tell your prospects that they do not have to answer any questions that they don’t want to answer.

Explain to them that your company hires based upon personality profiles rather than off of resumes and backgrounds like most other companies.

Tell them that this enables you to find great people who might not have a great resume or even a lot of experience.

Based on the certain personality traits that candidates possess, you can truly determine if they will have success with your company or not.

Doing it this way enables both parties to see if they are a right fit for each other from the start.

Then ask them directly, “Do you agree this is a much better way to conduct an interview?”

When they say yes, you say you want to find out what shaped them into the person they are today.

Tell them you’re going to start by with their childhood.

This is where you want to test their level of empathy.

If they stiffen up during this phase, you know they don’t naturally bond with people.

Tell them you are going to ask questions about how they grew up, about their family, their mom, dad, etc.

If they start to become uncomfortable, you probably don’t have a true superstar.

Superstars truly like to bond with people.

But this is only part of what you are going to probe for in this interview.

Legal Notice: Before you use these hiring tips, you need to get their permission to ask questions about their childhood and you need to explain how these questions are related to the job. The candidate must understand and agree that personality profile is more important than background. Otherwise, the interview can get you into trouble. Legally you cannot ask any questions that are not related to the job because it could be the cause for discrimination.

For example, if you ask an applicant if they plan to have children, they may understand this may have a bearing on if you’re going to hire them or not and could feel this question poses a basis for discrimination.

However, if you establish that personality profile is what you are truly after and get their permission to probe “what formed you into the person you are today”, you’re probably okay asking about their childhood.

The interview questions that I’m going to pose here are not designed to discriminate against anyone.

They are simply to draw out the true superstars from the rest of the applicants.

Before you use any questions like this, you may want to consult with your lawyer, HR department, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on this point.

This blog post is not intended to provide legal advice.

I am simply trying to give you some hiring tips that I have learned from some of the tops companies and entrepreneurs in the world.

Probing the childhood is crucial because self-confidence is usually shaped very early in life.

Specifically, you want to find out if this person’s background and upbringing contributed to them building up self-esteem.

An encouraging parent who really and truly believes in the child will help to develop strong self-esteem in that child when they are very young.

Then there are the parents who are overbearing and are overprotective and will raise their child to not be effective when they face a challenging situation later in life.

Unfortunately, a lot of these children were held back by their parents and some turn into underachievers later in life.

We want to find the people that had the encouraging parents and have high self-esteem.

Remember, they are going to get rejected a lot in sales and will need to have some ego to overcome that.

In order to determine a candidate’s background, you need to ask the following types of questions:

  • What are some events or influences from your childhood that shaped the person you are today?
  • Can you name some of the biggest challenges in your life? They don’t have to be work related.
  • What was the toughest sale that you ever had to make? (Get into step by step details and the exact specifics of this experience.)

Next, you want to look at your candidate’s accomplishments to see if they are an overachiever or not.

  • Please tell me about a time in your life where you felt that the odds were against you and you overcame it any and succeeded.
  • Tell me a few things for which you are most proud.
  • Is there anything in your life that you’ve practiced and reached a high level of skill or success? This could be sports, a hobby, academics, anything.

Sports are a very big area where top producers overachieve.

On the other hand, if someone is not an athlete but they were proficient in chess or something else that requires discipline, they may be an ideal candidate too.

Next, you want to test out their empathy and ability to bond with other people.

Remember, this is an important part of being a superstar too.

To do this, ask questions like this:

  • How would your best friend describe who you are?
  • Out of all of your friends, family, and everyone you know, who has the most faith in you and why?
  • What are some of your best memories in life?

It’s really important to note that people who have weak empathy skills will give you short one-sentence answers to questions like these.

They are truly just not great at sharing and it will be very obvious.

The true bonders will talk your ear off when answering your questions.

As part of their personality profile they need approval, and will strongly try to win you over to obtain it.

People with a strong personality will love to tell you how awesome they truly are.

Despite what conventional wisdom might have you think, this is actually a good thing.

Ask them to rate themselves in the following categories:

  • Ambition
  • Confindence
  • Ability to Build Rapport
  • Market Knowledge
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Ability to Face Rejection
  • Qualifying Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Closing Skills
  • Self-Improvement
  • Time Management

The top producers will all rate themselves high but so will some of the “dreamers” who won’t produce at all.

Specifically, the key for these hiring tips to work is you need to find out who is for real and who has false bravado.

This is really why you need to get examples from them for why they rated themselves that way.

If you decide to hire them and they aren’t the real deal, you need to push them during their first few days to see if they rise to the occasion or if they fold.

My philosophy is that the sales environment should be where the strong survive and thrive.

And the people who can’t produce should probably do something else and not be in sales.

Business is definitely an arms race and you need to find top-quality talent and bring it into your sales department.

The people who aren’t cut out for sales should be in customer service or a different department.

Ultimately, if people don’t fit into a certain role then it’s your responsiblity to find them the right role that fit’s them.

These hiring tips are great but if you don’t implement this process correctly it truly won’t work.

Next, you want to find out how the job candidates view themselves when compared to the best.

Ask them who they think is the best salesperson that they ever met.

If they say themselves, you probably want to hire them.

But if they name someone else, ask them why.

Then ask them what really makes them different than the person they named.

Another important thing to note is that the best of the best are always seeking to get better.

That’s why you should ask about any self-help books they’ve read, or courses they done, or events they’ve attended, etc.

Using this method of probing into their personal lives and childhood experiences will cause them to open up in many ways.

Particularly, you will get a true sense of how people think and feel.

Now that they are more unguarded and willing to open up, go through their resume with them.

Ask them some questions like these:

  • Why did you leave your last three jobs?
  • Were you unhappy? If so, why?
  • Tell me about a time where you had a disagreement or a disappointment with a boss and what happened.
  • Can you name two weak points of your previous bosses?
  • Can you name two instances when you were criticized by a supervisor?

The point of these types of questions is to determine how they think and also to see if they have good judgment.

Remember, it’s definitely easy to make mistakes when hiring.

The “probe” technique is designed to limit the number of bad hires.

That’s why it’s important to start with their childhood first and then go over their business background after that.

Specifically, you will get more honest answers from the candidate.

Time to Attack

The last part of the interview process after you have probed deeply, you may feel that you have found a true superstar.

However, you’ll often be surprised by what happens after you do this last step.

This is one of the hiring tips that truly separates the best of the best from everyone else.

Ok…this is how you do the attack.

Here, you say something nice like this:

“You seem like a really nice person, but we only have one opening right now. That’s why we need a real superstar. I’m sure you would do well in many places but this industry is very competitive and I doubt that your particular skillset and personality will hold up in this position. To be honest, I don’t get the impression that you’re truly a real superstar.”

Don’t need to be rude, but don’t be soft here.

You’ll be surprised at how many people that you thought were a superstar will truly crumble right in front of you.

At first, you thought you had the perfect person but as soon as you tell them you think they don’t have the stuff, they agree with you and then shake your hand and leave!

Let that person go, trust me.

Remember, the real superstars and top producing sales agents will never crumble.

That’s because they have super strong egos and are truly convinced that they can do any job there is.

After you tell them that you don’t think they have what it takes, be prepared that they will probably think otherwise and may even be thinking that you are a jerk. 

On that note, you may have to prompt them to come back at you ask them how they feel about what you just said.

It’s important that you use a strong rejection and not a weak one.

For instance, you actually want them to believe for a moment that you actually think they don’t have the stuff.

If you they are able to overcome and make it through this process, you have found yourself a true sales superstar.

This right here is the best piece of advice out of all of the hiring tips I’ve given you.

reward ideas for top sales people

How to Reward Your Superstars

Ok…the last piece of hiring top talent is to create a performance-based relationship with little or no base pay at all.

In fact, there are countless ways to do this.

Ultimately, the true superstars are going to make sales and make their money off of commissions.

They don’t need a big base pay.

Plus, the fact that they have to go out and produce motivates them to hustle because that’s just their nature.

Remember, we tested and probed to find people with a certain personality profile.

These people are definitely the overachievers of the world.

That’s why you must reward them handsomely and make sure your commission structures are set up where they will be paid very well if they produce.

For example, if you’re base salary is $40,000 but you have a commission plan where they can show them how they can make $250,000 if they hit a certain set of sales goals, you will be able to attract some top talent.

Think about it.

If you run an ad that says you pay $40,000 plus commissions.

Will that really attract superstars?

But if you say that you can make $250,000 per year or more if they produce, what kind of talent do you think that ad will really attract.

In fact, you can even offer bonuses and perks such as a $1,000 per month car allowance to the top salesperson of the year.

However, don’t frame it that way.

You would have a sales meeting say something like:

“We’re creating a new program called the ‘Dream Car Program’. Whoever is the top producing salesperson at the end of this year, we’re going to get them a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Range Rover or whatever their dream car is and pay for the lease and the insurance up to $1,000 per month for one whole year!”

They’re both the same exact offer but which one truly sounds better?

Think about it.

If you create incentives like this for top producers and overachievers, $1,000 per month for a car allowance is nothing to the amount of revenue they will bring in.

How Any Business Can Hire a Superstar

If you are a small business, you might think that you can’t afford to hire a salesperson let alone a superstar salesperson.

Ultimately, you truly need to change your mindset.

The hiring tips I’ve already given you, should already haven proven that to you.

In fact, any business can hire someone like this.

Even if that business is a one-person army.

For example, let’s say you are a web designer and you are a one-person business.

Usually, the problem with these types of businesses is that they are what’s called “feast or famine”.

You do sales and you get a client.

While you work on the project, you stop doing sales while you work on the website.

After you finish the website, you have to go out and sell again to find another client.

This is why your business doesn’t truly grow.

You are able to charge anywhere from $1,500 to $25,000 for a website depending on the type of job it is.

Let’s say that if you are able to build four of the $25,000 websites per month if that was all you worked on, that would be $100,000 per month in revenue!

If you paid someone a 40% commission on that, they could potentially make $400,000 per year in commissions!

Imagine if you put that in your advertisement, what type of person do you think you will attract for a $400,000 per year salary?

Trust me.

As long as you are willing to pay, even if it’s just on a performance only basis, you’ll be able to find someone who is perfect for your company.

Ultimately, they will help you truly build an empire for as long as you share the wealth.


How to Manage a Superstar

After you’ve hired a superstar, you need to be very strategic in order to keep that person in your organization for years to come.

That’s because top producers share a number of personality traits that easily translate into restlessness in most companies.

Specifically, they are original, intelligent and sure of themselves.

In fact, sometimes they can become frustrated and leave an organization to go and start their own company.

You must remember, the most important way to keep a superstar is to never say no to them.

Instead, you need to redirect their energy or give them a few hurdles to jump through in order to get what they want.

Just make sure you redirect their energy into something productive like making some extra sales each month for the next few months.

It’s important to remember, that even though some people can get turned off by a little ego, you need to be grateful for your superstar’s ego and let go of your own for a second.

There also may come a time where they criticize you or a decision you made.

Remember, there is no need to get defensive or react in a bad way.

Just ask them what they would have done different or how they would fix or improve the situation and redirect their energy into accomplishing that.

Ultimately, if you know how to capitalize on their ego and turn it into something productive, you will see some amazing results for your business.

In fact, the more that you challenge a superstar, the more they will truly overachieve. 

But it’s important that you remember to compliment them when they meet and exceed your challenges.

How This Applies to All Hires

This post focuses particularly on the hiring tips for acquiring more top sales talent since they are the drivers of growth and a critical part of your organization.

However, many of the hiring tips that are outlined here can be tweaked to fill open job positions in any department.

Furthermore, these hiring tips to find top talent can be applied to any industry.

In fact, all you need to do is break down the different skill areas that are needed for each position you are looking to hire new employees for and have the candidates rate themselves as discussed above.

The relax-probe-attack method a great hiring tip but you really want to go soft on people who are not applying for sales positions.

Say things like, “Wow, I wish I had more open positions. I really like you but I only have the one open position and I’m wondering if you really are the right fit.”

Remember, you have to make the candidates sell themselves at least a little bit for every position.

To be honest, this is really just to test to see how people handle adversity.

If you work in a fast-paced environment and someone gets flustered easily, wouldn’t you want to know that before you hired them?

A little attack to test them out can be very telling of what type of person they truly are.

As a matter of fact, you can even take some of the other information I’ve given you and apply it to other non-sales jobs in your company.

For example, you could structure your bonuses based off the individual performance of your employees.

How much harder do you think your staff would work if they knew they could earn a $5,000 or $10,000 or even a $20,000 bonus if they met certain performance goals?

Remember, today it’s truly all about performance and results!

Ultimately, if you want to see your business grow tremendously, you need to have superstar salespeople working for your organization.

Use this post of hiring tips as a guide to help you seek out the best talent and bring them into your organization.